Coronavirus Time Capsule 2020


Week 1 - Intro

We’re proud, excited and beyond pleased to announce we’re working with Company Three and Youth Theatres all across the nation on our Coronavirus Time Capsule.


Week 2 - Home Life

It's week 2 of The Coronavirus Time Capsule and this week we've been focusing on Home Life!

Here's what we're getting up to every day in Lockdown!


Week 3 - About Us

It's Week 3 and this week the theme is "About Us"...

We thought y'all might want to know a little bit more about who we are, what we love and what we wish for the future!


Week 4 - Loo Roll Challenge (Baked Potato version)

We've had a week off Coronavirus Time Capsule to make something we think we'll remember for a very long time...

Guys, Gals and Non-Binary Pals, it's our very own #LooRollChallenge combined with #BakedPotato.


Week 5 - Social Distancing

It's Week 5 and this week the theme is "Social Distancing"...

As we're not able to meet up with many of our loved ones because of social distancing, we thought it was a good idea to go back to basics and send a letter. We've all written a letter to someone we miss very much and recorded ourselves reading it. We may not be able to hug you, but we can immortalise our current feelings to this digital world we find ourselves in need of, even more, at this time.


Week 6 - Let Loose

It's Week 6 and this week the theme is "Let Loose"... As we're stuck indoors most of the time, we asked our students to send us videos of them doing what they do to relax, shake off the tension and let loose! This week, we have everything from song writing to trampolining. As well as that, the youth theatre group 'Company Three' choreographed a tik tok style dance for our students to learn. It was a tricky one this week and some of our students sent us their best shot at it! Enjoy!


Week 7 - Our Ideas

It's Week 7 and this week the theme didn't inspire our kids to do something so we decided to go off road and create our own theme this week. We would like to present "Our Ideas"...

We asked our kiddies group what they would like to do and eventually we came to the idea of creating a news casting team call ABC News. In this, our larger than life news reporters get down to brass tacs regarding some of the news stories, you don't hear about during this time. We love it! We hope you enjoy it too!

Our juniors group decided to read a paragraph or two from some of their favourite books; we took the beginnning of one story, some paragraphs from the middle of other books and the end of another to create this Story Mash Up! We have wonderful storytellers in this group and we're super proud of what they've delivered this week!


Week 8 - Our Academy Family

Welcome to the family!

Our Academy community means the world to us, and not just our wonderful Academy members, but the Mums, Dad, Nanas, Grandmas, Brothers, Sisters, dogs and everyone in between that supports us, loves us and helps us grow!

We miss y'all lots, but love y'all more.


Week 9 - When This is Over

It's Week 9 for us and this week the theme is "When This Is Over"... Because we're experiencing extremely difficult times at present with everthing that's going on in the world, we believe it is our duty to try and find the beauty in the world again. We have lots of really difficult things happening globally, which we need to be aware of, and strive towards fixing, but we would like to share some of our silver linings from lockdown and how we see this different world being changed for the better when this is over. We also asked our students to create a poster of their favourite positive quotes (some of which are created by the students themselves). So, with the wise words of many and the thoughts of our wonderful students, we hope this little video brings you smiles and hope. Enjoy!