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Academy Performing Arts School


We are Academy. We provide a safe environment for young people to explore & develop their physical, emotional and social capabilities, using drama and dance. Our tutors are professionally trained and are working in the entertainment industry, which gives our students strong contacts, should they decide to pursue a career in any of these disciplines. Here at the Academy, we pride ourselves on the professional standards of our shows and the standards we hold our students to.





Academy Performing Arts School are launching our new Musical Theatre night!

LAUNCH DATE: Thursday 26th April

Every Thursday from 5:30-7:30pm

Age group: 8-18yrs

Singing - 5:30-6:30pm

Dance  -  6:30-7:30pm

Our singing class includes ensemble singing, duets and solos; alongside teaching proper vocal techniques & vocal qualities. We are passionate about telling stories and our singing classes are no different; our songs will be delivered with a view to perform them and bring out the best acting choices for our students. At Academy, we understand that music brings joy to those who sing, as well as the listener and we are very excited to start these sessions.

Our dance class includes contemporary dance, ballet, street, cheerleading techniques and lifts. Our dance tutors are seasoned in getting the best out of our students and are looking forward to channeling their expression through movement. As with the singing sessions, these dance classes will be delivered with a view to bringing out the stories and the emotions within the story of the dance.

Our Academy tutors are professionally trained, experienced in theatre and we are fired up to get started with these brand new sessions!


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